Delicious Bubble Tea!
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Delicious Bubble Tea!
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We are the leading Dutch Instagrammable Bubble Tea brand. Everything that we make is irresistibly cute, pink perfection.


SooTea is a beverage brand founded by three entrepreneur girls in Amsterdam, Cindy Lee, Zitong Yang and Daisy Zhang. Our brand concept is to blend the contemporary youth culture into the healthy and trendy bubble tea products with a strong sense of creativity and originality.


The brand culture of SooTea is all about regaining the same passion of the playful cuteness you loved when you were a child. A serious, hard-working life with that childish part of you are not incompatible. SooTea products and the store itself will bring you back to the kid you once were – the touch of light- hearted innocence that all of the urban life students and professionals still carries in them.

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